Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place...

So here's my dilemma...
About two months ago, my Sweet Baboo was washing the dishes and took off her rings. Mysteriously, one disappeared. Two days later, the ring re-appeared exactly where she left it. Immediately there was a public inquest, and subpoenas were issued. Judge Baboo immediately came up with a verdict - the "Husband" took the ring to have a "twentieth wedding anniversary band" sized. Case closed. She looked with pride upon the husband and giggled in sweet anticipation.
Small problem. The husband did NOT perform the deed as charged. He was too busy being busy and looking in the fridge for cheese and what not. No bother - the plan would be to simply ignore the whole affair and she would forget. We'll even plan an anniversary trip to New York City. That should distract her. Times Square, Broadway shows, David Letterman, middle-Eastern cabbies, and all that jazz.
That plan failed miserably. Sweet Baboo continues to coo at the thought of my thoughtfullness.
Plan B. Small loan. I had it planned all along...

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