Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jesus the "Aggressor"?!?

I was unable to attend Mass at St. Luke's Mission of Mercy today (my community's home base) because my daughter is performing in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at Rockwell Hall this afternoon, so my son and I went to Mass at St. Margaret's Church in North Buffalo. Our Mass at St. Luke's is at 1PM (that's a long story...) and the show is at two, and St. Luke's Masses are NEVER less than an our and a half. Our Masses are always fairly lively, and, well, St. Margaret's just...aren't. No bother, it is nice to attend a "quiet" Mass every now and again.

The pastor's homily really struck me, though. He read the "non-RCIA" reading (I guess they have no converts for the Easter Vigil) about Jesus casting out the money-changers from the temple. He talked about the need for us to be "aggressive" (in a non-violent way) when we perceive injustice in the world. It was a good backdrop for the push to fight FOCA (see my last post). But one thing he said really opened my eyes to something new: the image of Jesus as the "aggressor" on the day He was crucified. Huh?

I always envisioned Jesus as the helpless victim on that day. Let to the slaughter, meek and powerless, and hung on a cross like a common criminal. There didn't seem to me to be anything aggressive on His part at all. I always meditated on Jesus the Victim, Jesus the unjustly punished, Jesus the afflicted. All those are true, I know, but an aggressor? But that is just what he was; by dying on the cross he conquered sin, and by rising again he conquered death! He is a conqueror, and could't be a conqueror UNLESS He allowed all that led to His death on a cross. God really did plan it that way, and those participating in what appeared to all intents and purposes to be the laying low and humiliating end of Jesus, were really participating in His triumph over sin and death. Awesome! All things work for good...

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  1. Hey Dave,
    Great post. May I suggest that you do a post on the popes letter to the bishops on the subject of holocaust denying bishop.



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