Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Administration Continues Power Grab

As a Catholic Registered Nurse (and I do indeed mark my profession with that distinction) I admit that I have taken for granted the freedom that has allowed me to practice in a manner that honors my religious tradition. I supervise a busy inner-city emergency department in a Catholic hospital that has not only allowed me to express my faith in the way I practice, but actually encourages me to do so.
True to form, the Obama administration is Hell-bent (words chosen carefully) to erode the freedoms that have not only influenced my profession by allowing me to CHOOSE the manner in which I practice but also allowed me to REFUSE those health care procedures and/or practices that conflict with my faith.
A few years ago I was chatting with a nurse that practices in my facility who lives in Canada (we have several nurses employed in our hospital who's residence is across the border - Buffalo is just a bridge away). She spoke of St. Joseph's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Though it was a Catholic hospital from it's foundation, it is now completely administered by the government as are all facilities in that country. It retained the name it was given by the dedicated religious who founded it, but any semblance of Catholicism was purged long ago. I truly believe the Obama administration would repeat that here in the U.S. Without effort the long, storied traditions of religious communities providing facilities to serve the ill, sick and disadvantaged with the best health care available will come to an end.
Just look north.
Check out this website and especially the video of Cardinal George.

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  1. This is my fear as well. I am also very concerned about what modeling our health care system after Canada's and countries across the Atlantic, lives will be lost in greater numbers than now. One example I think of off-hand is a young woman who who recently gave birth to a child in Canada. She was told at approximately 20 weeks gestation that the child had anancephaly and had no brain. The condition was inconsistent with life. The young mother (college student and single) refused to abort the child she loved so dearly. As her pregnancy progressed, she prepared her birth plan. She wanted to have a cesarean to prevent further trauma to the child's head. The doctors fought with her over this and finally one agreed. She wanted the infant to be suctioned, one doctor commented: "why would I want to?" She wanted to know what they would do to cover up her head (the skull would be open to some degree) and one doctor told her that he'd put a blanket over it. She insisted on a bandage. Well, long story short, she delivered a crying and wiggly little baby girl who is now one month old. The hospital sent her home on the second day after delivery with a memory box and grieving materials. Socialized medicine is not conducive to life, and this Conscience issue is just a head of the beast yet to come. Gov. Sibelius anyone?


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