Sunday, March 15, 2009


As if working full time, being a Missionary, married man and dad of nine, and part-time student working on the Masters degree were not enough, I have decided to throw my comments into the blogosphere. I invite your comments and look forward to discussions about things that might be important to you and I.

No, I will not make a comment regarding Octomom. I promise.


  1. Hello David! Welcome to Catholic blogging. :) Small world! I see you are a Missionary at St. Luke's - our family just sent goods to the mission and our school has helped out from time to time as well. God bless the folks at St. Luke's!

    I'll link to your blog on my own and try to get some traffic your way. God bless you in all of your endeavors.


  2. Welcome to the wild world of blogging. We're neighbors of sorts - I'm in the Rochester suburb of Gates. - Lee


I am always interested and appreciative of your comments and thank you for taking the time. God bless you.