Monday, April 13, 2009

Four Years Old!

Teresa Jean (the little angel in the orange shirt) turned four years old on Holy Saturday, and what better way to celebrate than over a heaping pile of McNuggets! Happy Birthday to my little googly-moogly!

(Left to right / back row: Tyler (honorable son number one and obsessive-compulsive sports nut), Joe (the boyfriend of Emily), Emily (my oldest and the girlfriend of the weird-looking kid to her right - by the way, check out his blog, it's in my favorites), Elizabeth (honorable daughter number 2 and talented song and dance girl), Michelle The Mother of Many, Jacob (honorable son number two and artist extraordinaire). Front row: John Paul (honorable son number three and resident comedian), Teresa Jean the Cute (and honorable daughter number five), Amelia Terese (honorable daughter number four, five years old, cute as a button, and testing my will to remain sane at every moment), Mary (the calm, cool and collected honorable daughter number three), and Joseph (honorable son number four and a boy who goes to confession just to chat because I can't think of anything he's ever done that would require a confession...)

And the obligatory "everybody make a funny face" picture. Notice Joe the boyfriend's face seems stuck on strange. Mary and Tyler are far too cool for this.


  1. so me and emily are watching your progress of you slowly posting these mcdonalds pictures. they are quite funny except the fact i am being called strange on multiple occasions...

  2. Yes, well...
    Anyhoo, put in a plug for your blog, right?
    Okay. You're not strange. Just your picture.


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