Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saratoga Springs

This morning a colleague and I made the trek down the Thomas E. Dewey Thruway, the longest toll roadway in the U.S. (makes one so proud), to Saratoga Springs, home of quaint shops, trendy restaurants and horse racing (for six weeks a year). There are no horses in my itinerary, though. I am attending the annual New York State Emergency Nurses Association conference.

The conference has been pleasant enough; the vendors room had a lovely beef-carving station with some finger foods that would have made the Catholic Foodie salivate a river...I then went across the street and enjoyed three lovely lamb chops with a mint-brown sauce and fingerling potatoes. A glass of Merlot rounded out a fine evening. A good food day, indeed. Skipped dessert, though...pity.

Notice I have not mentioned anything about the content of the conference.

Today I have once again been reminded how counter-culture I am, and what a battle we who espouse the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church are up against. On the trip down I listened patiently as my colleague talked of her distaste of pro-life demonstrations, her position on abortion ("I am against it but who am I to tell know the rest). At the conference I have heard several mentions of the positive impact President Obama is going to have on health care, the beauty of homosexual married couples, and other comments that made me, well, squirm just a little.

I am feeling dwarfed in this place.

I fear the nursing profession is moving farther and farther away from truth. Please don't misunderstand -- I am in awe of the compassion, skill, and patience of my colleagues --nonetheless the political agenda of the professional organizations representing nursing are at times not only in opposition of Catholic teaching, but are often aggressively antagonistic. Despite this, we who represent the Faith in our profession have the law on our side, protecting our right to refuse participation in procedures that our consciences will not allow. For now. Our President is working very hard to take that protection away.

As I muse here in the city horse racing built, I am conscious of a race of our own, a race to turn as many hearts and minds to God. Right now my horse is stalled in the gate. Pray for me! Most of all, pray for my colleagues and professional peers.

Tomorrow is the main portion of the conference. I will report back then...

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