Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ahhhh, Timmy...

I love Tim Horton's coffee.

There are many of you out there who are wondering, "Who is Tim Horton and why should I really care if he makes a fine cup of java?". Well, truth is, Tim died a while back. He isn't making coffee any more. He was a hockey player for many years; played defense a total of 24 seasons for the Leafs, Rangers, Pens, and Sabres. He died in an automobile accident back in '74. But before he died he put his name on a string of coffee shops in Canada that slowly but surely spread to the US over the last several years, and those shops are like a streetlamp in a swamp - every bug from miles around is buzzing around, waiting for their coffee. I read an article that the first Tim Horton's opened in New York City, the Starbucks capital of the world. With that news my inner-voice said, "tell them. They must know." I will tell.

I am not a Starbucks fan. I don't like my coffee tasting like someone burned it slowly over a fire fueled by crude oil. Not to mention the price. I pay less for my daughter's private Jesuit college education than a Cafe Au Lait. Then there is the snooty factor. I live in Buffalo. There is damn little to be snooty about. Sure, we've got an art museum or two, a couple Frank Lloyd Wright bungalows, and such. But for the most part we watch football, cut our lawns, and consider Swiss Chalet doggone good eatin'. Starbucks just doesn't fit in. Tim Horton's does.

First of all, Tim was a hockey player. You gotta like that in a guy. If he makes a cup of joe, you instinctively trust it isn't going to make you want to wear skinny jeans, pierce your nose and dye your hair black. It tastes like a working-man's coffee, full of flavor, smooth, and easy to drink on the run. When you order you simply say COFFEE, and no foreign language skills or accents are required. And they have donuts. Oh, yeah. Good ones.

The second reason I like Tim's coffee concerns the shops themselves. Simple, easy-going, friendly, not trendy and sassy with background music featuring indiginous Paraguayans playing native instruments. Want to skip the whole walking part? Drive through at every location. You can go barefoot in yesterday's t-shirt smelling like a carnie. I do all the time. Well, sometimes. Anyway.

Before this sounds like an infomercial (and if you order in the next twenty minutes, cause we can't do this all day...) there are some negatives. First, too doggone many people get their coffee there. I hate waiting for caffeine. Second, the traffic can stretch for several miles. Sure, they move pretty quick. But I need my COFFEE. Third, I can't drink any other kind now. I buy the big cans of coffee in their shop for my daily home brew. Anything else tastes like warm mud. Other than that, there isn't much not to like.

So if you see a Timmy's in your travels, do yourself a favor and grab a cup. Have a honey crueller. You'll be glad you did. But I drive a silver Ford Econoline van, and would appreciate if you ordered quickly and got out of my way, or, ideally, let me go first. Thanks.

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  1. Being a New Englander by birth, my first addiction was Dunkin Donuts. But I enjoy a good cup of Tim Hortons and am glad to live near three of them. TH is a frequesnt post-Mass stop.

    Forget Starbucks! I can't stand the taste of their coffee. And the attitude.

    Wonder if we can get the NCIS guy to switch brands!


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