Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Novena Day Five: Shelter the Homeless (July 14th)

My driveway is a disaster. The blacktop is cracking and coming up in chunks. I need to replace it soon, hopefully before it disintegrates into the street.

My bathroom has been in construction for just short of a year...the family has been using one toilet (all eleven of us) for far too long.

The mud room has a leak, and every time it rains the water drips all over the carpet. Sometimes we actually get icicles in the winter!

My four year old got hold of a black permanent marker and put neat little black dots on the walls, fridge, stove, and several pieces of furniture.

The kitchen is way too small for a big family. The kids are jammed in four to a room, with two sets of bunk beds in each. the basement has a moisture problem. The water pressure is way too low.

I could go on.

Despite all that, tonight while my children sleep snug in their warm beds there will be children sleeping under a bridge. While my wife makes dinner young mothers will cry while they watch their children go to sleep hungry. While my oldest daughter lathers up the shampoo on the little girls in the tub tonight there will be children washing in public bathrooms. As I lecture my children on the importance of eating their vegetables there will be children looking in trash cans for food.

I am blessed.

Homelessness is a worldwide tragedy. As our economy sputters the numbers of homeless men, women and children grow exponentially. As children of God we are called to recognize their plight and lend a hand. Whether donating our time or treasure, homeless shelters and relief agencies everywhere need our help. The unfortunate reality is that as the economy suffers so, too, to the sources of funding for those who provide for the poor. Now more than ever we need to give of ourselves.


St. Camillus, you recognized that the poor and homeless were not cared for with compassion and generosity, and worked tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of your brothers and sisters in poverty's grasp. Pray that we may see the suffering of the homeless and give of ourselves so that others may know the warmth of shelter. We ask all this in the name of the Merciful Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Great post David, I try to think of this almost every single day when I face the endless list of tasks that I have to finish in order for us to be "comfortable". What a concept, comfort. You ARE truly blessed, as am I, and I think so are the people whose lives you affect every day at your work, your church, and your home. God bless you.


I am always interested and appreciative of your comments and thank you for taking the time. God bless you.