Saturday, September 12, 2009

The slippery slope...

I have a lovely daughter named Mary.  She is graceful, considerate, gentle, and QUIET.  Not to mention quite beautiful; but most importantly, when she torments her brothers she does it so very quietly and unobtrusively that it does not come to my attention and thereby does not aggravate me.  When the boys finally have had enough and begin to protest loudly I punish them for disturbing the peace, she gets away scot free, and quiet returns to the house.  I know its unfair, but I am not in the "fair" business.  I just want quiet.  She is my only child who understands this fact, a fact I have oft repeated in their presence.  That must go rewarded.

Mary is about to celebrate her thirteenth birthday, and feels very strongly that pierced ears would be an appropriate demarcation of her prestigious entrance into "teenagerhood".  I am not so sure I agree.  Nonetheless, I have been considering granting or denying permission for about six months now.  I know that my deliberations far exceed the acceptable time period for other lesser decision makers, such as the U.S. Supreme Court.  Nonetheless, this is a decision not to be frivolously made without careful consideration of the pros and cons.

Mary's birthday is September 24th, the feast of Sts. Paphnutius, Chuniald, Gislar and Rusticus.  Really.  I have consulted each of them for their point of view, but they have apparently needed time as well...and so it goes.  Why my caution, my desire for careful prudence?  Let me explain.  At the tender age of twelve my lovely daughter Elizabeth made the pilgrimage to the "Piercing Pagoda" in the local mall with her fifteen-year-old sister and mother, and the younger ladies had their ears pierced.  Emily, the eldest, faired well, and her post-piercing period was unscarred by gore.  Elizabeth, on the other hand, did not enjoy the success of her sibling.  She pulled the earing out a week after the deed accidentally, and in a state of ignorance thought the most prudent action would be to rinse it off in the sink, wipe it with a towel hanging nearby, and stick the brutal thing back in her eviscerated ear lobe, post haste.  Two days later the ear lobe, swollen from infection, expanded over the entire piece of jewellery, which then required an emergency room visit and scalpel to extract it from inside her skin.  Unpleasant.  She is currently seventeen years old.  She does not have pierced ears. 

Michelle thinks I am a fuddy-duddy.  I am well aware that parents allow their newborn babies to be pierced.  While that may be someone's cup of tea, it is not mine.  Thirteen is still closer to infancy than my age.  I vowed not to let societal or peer pressure influence my decision.  This was a great annoyance to my spouse.  She then announced that Mary would have her ears pierced the Saturday after her birthday, to our daughter's squeals of delight.  Case closed.  Evidently the Supreme Court was  trumped by an order from the Executive Branch.  So be it.  Today its the ears.  Tomorrow the belly button.  Whatever.  I will make sure the medical insurance documents are available when needed. 

And I am the type to say "I told you so".


  1. thanx alot dad!!!!! thats ok though cuz IM GETTING MY EARS PEIRCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHA!!!!!!!!!! just kidding! i think i should get the skull and cross bones for my ears!! JUST KIDDING!!!! love yuh, mary

  2. YOU ARE SO KIND!!!!!!!!! i got to admi that was pretty funny. but im still getting my ears peirced so its all good. jk love yuh, mary

  3. I love it. If it is any consolation, I got my ears pierced at 13 and did very well. I will pray for Mary, OR perhaps I should pray for both of you! :) God bless!

  4. I have a suspicion that Mary will be just fine...but I will gladly take the prayers. I just would prefer that they wouldn't grow up!!!

  5. I've got another 5 years before we need to consider it. Thirteen is the absolute MINIMUM age I would even think about it. No need to grow up too quickly. In the meantime, my girls can make do with magnetics.

    Congrats to Mary, and God save you, David! ;-)

  6. Praised be Jesus Christ!
    Now and forever!

    I am keeping all of this in my prayers,
    and I am consoled to note that you have saints interceding on your behalf..
    As a point of information,
    I would like to announce that it(September 24) is also the feast of
    Our Lady of Ransom,

    and also,
    Saint Pacifico of San Servino,
    And interestingly, I visited San Servino in France and there is a great devotion to this saint there..

    I intend to ask for the intercession of these great saints..
    for your intentions..


    by the way, I swore that my Amelia would not get pierced ears until she was 16 because I had to wait til I was 16..
    But I caved,
    and this summer, in August, when she turned 13, I took her to the infamous Piercing Pagoda at the Boulevard Mall, and
    watched, as I paid someone to impale my daughter.. twice.
    Once in each earlobe!
    God help us all..


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