Sunday, September 20, 2009

St. Padre Pio Novena - Day 6

“Tell your doctor he can get the injections himself”.
     - Padre Pio, after the miraculous healing of a man with a debilitating knee ailment

On this sixth day of our novena we are called to consider the great concern St. Pio of Pietrelcina had for the sick.  Many anecdotes of personal healings describe the great love our Lord had for him in allowing St. Pio to be the avenue of the healing touch of God.  Padre Pio recognized this gift and did not squander it, rather offering this grace over and over to those who would ask, seeking God's will and living it.  His confident, familiar recognition of the power of God in all things is a call for each of us to acknowledge the sacred and mysterious in our lives.

Miracles of healing are documented throughout history.  Lourdes, St. Ann de Beaupre, and so many other examples illustrate the power of God and call us to deeper devotion.  Padre Pio is no exception, and each example of  miraculous healing reminds us that God is, indeed, with and among us.  But it is not enough for us to simply marvel at these miracles.  We must seek their ultimate meaning, the very same message God has conveyed through miracles, signs and wonders from the time of our first parents, Adam and Eve, to this very day: God loves us, and in that love calls us to Himself. 

Just as our intercession alleviates the suffering of the souls in Purgatory, so too are we called to alleviate the suffering of the sick with our prayers and attention.  Debilitation from illness can be lonely and frightening.  Our loving prayers and physical presence is a balm to those enveloped in pain, weakness, and suffering.  In a previous post I offered suggestions on how we can make a loving difference to those who are ill.  Ultimately, our time and attention, whether in the form of cards and letters, phone calls or email, or by physically attending to the needs of the sick, all provide well-documented relief (in medical, psychological and religious journals).  The Corporal Work of Mercy calling us to visit the sick reminds us to follow the example of Jesus the healer by extending our hand to those who are ill. 

Let us pray for the intercession of St. Pio for those who are ill, that God's love would be maniftested to them, bringing consolation and joy in the midst of suffering.

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  1. I would like to share a story of the healing power of God that I believe I recieved through the intercession of Padre Pio. When I was first diagnosed with thyroid, throat and lymph node cancers, I went to Mass that Thursday night. Later I went to my godmother's house. She asked me if I knew about Padre Pio. I said yes but I didn't know much about his miracles and life compared to to the way I know about St. Anthony. As she went through her books of the saints to find the information she had on Padre Pio, there was a sudden, overwhelming scent of roses ***. After 4 years of battling the cancer, with radiation and chemotherapy, I was able to obtain one of the gloves Padre Pio wore over the stigmata of the Lord. I was healed, immeadiately. The next day I asked them to preform a biopsy, MRI and CT scan. There was no cancer. Mistakenly, the doctors felt they had mixed up the films and I informed them that no such thing had occurred.

    God gave the humble Padre Pio other gifts, such as: the gift of healing; the gift of
    the dicerning spirits; being able to read the souls of his penitents; and the gift of
    bi-location and of levitation. He also had the gift of his presence known by certain
    fragrances, especially that of roses. People all over the world came to know Padre Pio and would come on pilgrimage to see
    him, confess to him and receive his priestly blessing.After his World War II, the Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, wanted prayer groups in the Church because he was concerned about religious indifferentism. Padre Pio immediately
    started prayer groups which proliferated and now bear his name, "Padre Pio Prayer Groups." In 1977, Father Cipolla started the largest Padre Pio Prayer Group in the nation with 521 members. It was held at St. Mary Mercy Church , in dontown Pittsburgh. Now the prayer groups are all over the nation and all over the world."


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