Thursday, September 17, 2009

FINALLY...the roar of the Zamboni!

Pre-season Hockey!  The Buffalo Sabres met Ovechkin and his merry bunch of bruisers at HSBC Arena tonight, and Honorable Son number three and I were there to witness it.  Lindy played the kids, and there were definitely a lot of mistakes, but a few players caught my eye.  The Sabres lost to the Caps in overtime, 4-3, but hey, its pre-season.

I also participated this afternoon in a small part of the planning for the 40th anniversary of the Sabres, which will be next season (the club joined the league in 1970).  I am sworn to secrecy (I have to be careful - they're checking this blog!) but needless to say, it will be a year of celebration.  Unreal - forty years.

Go Sabres!


  1. That's really cool you're involved in that planning, David, and thumbs up for taking your son to see hockey. But I'm sorry, my friend, I made the prediction 3 years ago that this will be the year that begins the era of the Capitals. Over the next decade, Washington will be hoistng 5 championship banners. Get used to those losses...

  2. Well, Ovechkin is amazing, and the team is poised to step into the limelight, I agree. Not so sure it will be a dynasty, though. Hockey isn't exactly favorable to that kind of thing...The Sabres are poised to be mediocre, I am afraid, unless I see some amazing movement from the coaching staff, but the prospects are young and inexperienced. Without Roy, Stafford, and others stepping up there won't be much change. Damn these guarenteed would be nice to unload a few non-performers.

  3. And if anyone cares, I hate Detroit. The team, not the city. Okay, the city isn't all that hot, but I'm from Buffalo, so I don't want to call the kettle black...The Sabres will be at Joe Louis Arena next.


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