Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dick is done.

Snapping a ten-game losing streak in a game ESPN  and the Associated Press termed as an "instant classic on Comedy Central", the Cleveland Browns defeated the hapless Buffalo Bills as the Buffalo squad continued circling the NFL drain in a game that could only be described as pathetic.  The Bills have become the laughing stock of the league.

Ralph Wilson, Buffalo's elderly owner (who calls to mind the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" whenever sighted) has been obtuse about any possible change in personnel, but the time has come in the mind of most that something has to give, even if such a move is only symbolic.  Bottom line:  Dick has to go.

Dick Jauron needs to go away.  He has demonstrated that he cannot lead this team anywhere but down.  I am reminded of a certain 1975 Philadelphia Eagles team that fired Mike McCormick (equally adept at being unable to inspire anyone) and hired Dick Vermeil, taking a chance that proved successful.  The Bills organization would do well to revamp the leadership of this team, develop a philosophy, and at least ATTEMPT to win games. 

On a lighter note, go Sabres!


  1. I'll trade you for Jim Zorn, straight up. Oh, and Edwards for Campbell, too.


  3. Thanks for the link, although it was top story on our local affiliates. Unbelievable.

  4. Alas, he lingers. Each "win" - like the Jests (ahem) one will keep him here.

    I was actually rooting for them to lose agaisnt Cleveland so he would be let go. No such luck.

    Oh well, at least Wilson is loyal.


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