Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I need my mom.

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy.

I have many friends who have a distinctly Marian spirituality.  They have consecrated themselves to Our Blessed Mother and rely on her intercession in all they do.  They have a deep devotion to the rosary and Marian prayers are their predominant form of spiritual expression.  I have great admiration for their religious expression manifested in their deep love of Mary.  Perhaps you, dear reader, share these admirable traits.

While I do, indeed, honor Our Blessed Mother, recognize her as Queen of Heaven and Earth, and ask for her intercession both formally and informally in prayer, I do not consider my spirituality to be distinctly Marian.  There are many like me, and there is room aplenty in our Church for both expressions of faith, and many more as well.  That being said, there are times in my pilgrimage to Heaven that I have leaned on the Blessed Mother more than at others; at present I am in such a mode.  There are characteristics in my life, at given moments, that I can identify as predispositioned to leaning on Mary.  Interestingly enough, they mirror such times when I seek the support and guidance of my earthly mother as well. 

When I am feeling particularly weak, overwhelmed, and defeated I find great comfort in Mary.  As a child those, too, were moments in which my mother was most adept at loving and soothing her son.  I wanted, as most boys do, to please my father and make him proud of my accomplishments; mom was at her best when there was little to be proud of, and was quick to provide love and encouragement.  In my spiritual journey I find that to be reflected in my reliance on Mary during times of trial and defeat, weakness and discouragement.  It is during those moments in which I find comfort enveloped in her mantle, wrapped in her love. 

As my own mother, Mary is ever patient, content to lift me in prayer as I run from task to task, sometimes forgetting or taking for granted the encouragement that has brought me to new confidence.  She is aware that in time of need I will run to her, much as a child who scraped his knee at play runs for the comfort of his mother.  So it is with me, a grown man, who finds there are times when I need my Mother, and I run to her. 

I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother.  In thy mercy, hear and answer me.


  1. David,
    Beautiful post. I often struggle with Marian devotion feeling like I should pray the Rosary more often, have deeper devotion to her, but I have those times, like your title says, O need my Mom.
    Thanks for this and God Bless!

  2. Great post. I too have my off and on moments with Mary. I wrote a post about it once and was surprised to find I was not alone. I usually turn to her when I need help or support in dealing with my children. She is a mother, I figure she understands.

  3. Absolutely. Michelle relys on her as a mother, too, and I love that about her.

  4. Karinann, as a missionary we have many prayer requirements...liturgy of the hours, rosary, chaplet of Divine Mercy, etc. The toughest to keep for me is the rosary. I have had no shortage of guilt about that. But a great old Jesuit priest at St. Michael's in Buffalo told me to pray it as I go to sleep; the angels will finish it for me. I like that. I usually get to the third or fourth decade and drift off...nice way to end the day.


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