Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI: Anglicans, come home!

One week ago the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, was informed by the Vatican of a plan to "fast track" Anglican Christians into the Catholic faith, preserving what is good and holy in their traditions while declaring allegiance to the Pope and integrating into the Catholic Church.  Today that plan was revealed to the world.  In a joint news conference in both Rome and England Dr. Williams may have witnessed what has been termed as the "burial of his communion". 

It has been no secret that the Anglican community has been disintegrating, particularly in response to the teachings on homosexuality and the ordination of women.  Anglicans have been praying in earnest for a means to enter the Church, maintaining what is unique in their tradition, while providing a vehicle for the integration of the clergy.  Pope Benedict made that happen today.  For so many, it has been an answer to fervent prayer.  Traditional Anglicans have petitioned the Vatican for assistance and our Holy Father, THEIR Holy Father, has opened the door. 

Dr. Rowan Williams sent a letter to the Anglican Bishops, excerpted here:
"The Vatican has announced today that PopeBenedict XVI has approved an ‘Apostolic Constitution’ (a formal papal decree) which will make some provision for groups of Anglicans (whether strictly members of continuing Anglican bodies or currently members of the Communion) who wish to be received into communion with the See of Rome in such a way that they can retain aspects of Anglican liturgical and spiritual tradition.

"I am sorry that there has been no opportunity to alert you earlier to this; I was informed of the planned announcement at a very late stage, and we await the text of the Apostolic Constitution itself and its code of practice in the coming weeks. But I thought I should let you know the main points of the response I am making in our local English context– in full consultation with Roman Catholic bishops in England and Wales – in the hope of avoiding any confusion or misrepresentation."
The Archbishop of Canterbury is aware that there can be no healing at this stage of the game, and is deferring to the leadership in Rome.  His aquiesence (with polite yet subtle hints of his unhappiness and sense of powerlessness) to Vatican authority as his communion disintegrates before his eyes is telling.  Henry VIII is turning over in his grave, to be sure...

Behind all the political movement and intrigue lies one incredible, historic, monumental fact:  the Roman Catholic Church, through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, is the true home of all Christians and has welcomed our separated Anglican bretheren home.  Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has been an instrument of God's healing grace bringing us closer to the unity we pray so earnestly for.

This is big.  REALLY BIG.


  1. As I read your post, tears come to my eyes. I am just amazed. Nothing is impossible for God. Blessings.

  2. May God be praised!

    There is also dialogue ongoing with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch and some of the Orthodox Christians.. we need to continue to pray that we will all be one as the Father and Jesus are one..

    on a sad but realistic note in regards to the general Mass media circus.. Bill Donahue has something to say about their take on the whole event..

    here is a link to his comments..

  3. +JMJ+

    I think it's actually Elizabeth I who is tossing in her grave. For all Henry VIII's petulance, he was no doctrinal Protestant.

    Having said that, yes, it's beautiful and wonderful news . . . which is unfortunately getting little or no coverage in my part of the world.


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