Friday, October 23, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday II

Last week was so much fun I decided to try again.  In true OCD nursing fashion I broke down the seven takes into categories to help keep it all orderly and organized: faith, marriage, family, ministry, work, sports, and a "whatever" post.  Thanks to our host, and join us if you'd like...

I am amused at the liberal outcry against the historic move Pope Benedict XVI made in providing a means to welcome our Anglican brothers and sisters home. NPR decried the Pope’s actions as a breach of the “unwritten rule” keeping denominations from “fishing in each other’s ponds”. “Catholics for Choice” lamented the re-incorporation of “traditionalist Anglicans” in the Church as a bolstering of archaic prohibitions against women’s ordination, homosexual acceptance in Church leadership, and other such drivel. Still others have stated that ecumenical progress has been set back several decades…Ecumenism; do they mean empty dialogues that produce nothing but plans for future empty dialogues that keep mid-level Church bureaucrats gainfully employed while accomplishing nothing of lasting value? How DARE Pope Benedict do this without their input, several years of consultation and discussion, official position papers, and the utilization of committees, sub-committees, and advisory boards? The nerve of some pontiffs.

Though I am not a fan of contrived “holidays” created by greeting card companies to increase sales, any explanation as such about “Sweetest Day” comes across as insensitive and unfeeling to the fair sex, and the man who does not observe the rites of this hallowed day is quickly recognized as a boob. Truth is not an issue here. Unfortunately, I was stricken with the dreaded Swine flu during this storied and beloved holiday (I hate calling it a holiday; I think “hallmarkday” is more appropriate) and was unable to shower my Sweetest with flowers, expensive jewels, champagne or that new Lexus she’s had her eye on. Nor will I be able to do so this week either as pay-day is not until NEXT Thursday, and I am currently lacking in fundage. My plan is to postpone Sweetest day one more week in hopes that it will suffice, though I suspect I am running out of time. I will gladly take helpful suggestions from the womenfolk.

My son John Paul (age 11), named after someone you may be familiar with, is a very talented young man. He is witty, creative, energetic, avenue to channel these qualities was clearly needed. That avenue has been chosen, to the chagrine of my poor ears: drum lessons. A regular volunteer at the Mission is an accomplished drummer, and he offered to provide lessons. Today was day one. “He’s got it”, we were told. I assume he meant rhythm. John Paul shared highlights of his first lesson and also informed me that he was shown the “drummer’s hand-shake”. I asked for a demonstration but he stated that because I am not a drummer he would have to kill me after he showed me. I opted out. We then had a discussion among the family as to who we would classify as the “Holy Trinity” of drummers. My picks: Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Gene Krupa (drum pioneer and jazz great), John Bonham (Led Zepplin). Your picks are welcome.

St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy is getting ready for the big holiday season. We will begin with the Thanksgiving food give-away. The Saturday before Thanksgiving is packing day, when over 500 volunteers descend on the Mission and help pack nearly six thousand bags of groceries. It is an INCREDIBLE sight to see. Youth groups, businesses, Church organizations, sports teams, you name it – they are among the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. My job on the big day is to welcome them, lead them in prayer, and give a history of the Mission, then to sign service sheets for the students doing their community service projects. I love that job. I get to meet them all!

H1N1 has become the bane of my existence. It ruined a perfectly good spring, and is now making autumn miserable. I have worked twenty-four hours overtime in the last seven days and could have worked quite a few more if there weren’t these darn labor laws. The ED is swamped, the staff is getting sick, and the patients seem to be sicker than in the spring…I think we did a good job keeping the mildly affected folks out of the ED, but the ones that are coming are fairly ill. Some are dying. Keep us in your prayers; we are knee-deep in this and it’s getting deeper.

My frosh son Jacob finished the soccer season with a 9-2-1 record; this from a team that was not expected to break .500. So few boys tried out that all who did made the team, and expectations were low. They all played hard, learned how to work together cohesively, and finished with an incredible record. I am very proud of my defenseman. As my older boy says, offense is exciting but defense wins championships. Congrats, St. Joe’s Marauders!

Oh, and how ‘bout that Ryan Miller? That man is a BRICK WALL!

I am now going to sound like a grumpy old fart: I cancelled my Twitter account two days after starting it up. I got all kinds of disgusting “tweets” from people who definitely need to see the inside of a confessional soon, offering services better left unsaid. Even if that didn’t happen, I am just too boring to “tweet”, and I really could care less if someone is shopping for tilapia at any given moment. If I were to rate Twitter on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a whopping 1. Any Twitter lovers out there? Fiends.


  1. +JMJ+

    On #3: I have a soft spot for Rick Allen of Def Leppard. =)

    I also liked Alan White, who was with the BritPop band Oasis while I was still a fan.

    On #7: I didn't even bother to cancel my Twitter account. I just dropped it and forgot about it. I'm the same way about Facebook and recently got an e-mail from them reminding me to check my notifications. Sigh!

  2. I told you the drummer from Def Leppard was good! Love, your wifey.


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