Sunday, October 11, 2009

So-Called Clergy to Hetero Couples: Go Away

A well-designed website with all the bells and whistles can make anyone seem legit...take, for instance, the Refuse to Sign crew.  This fringe-group of so-called clergymen and women have begun a "nationwide" campaign to recruit and train ministers, priests, elders, shaman, whatever to refuse to perform marriages until gay couples can marry.  Their premise is that the state is forcing them to discriminate by dictating who they may or may not marry.  Awesome web site.  Stupid movement.  The Church-of-what's-happenin'-now, including the United Church of Christ, the fabulous Unitarians, and others are gobbling up this stuff.  No suprise: churches that don't commit to anything substantive probably don't have too many members commiting to one another anyway.

An article on Salon in July highlighted the efforts of a couple ministers who are refusing to perform any marriages until they are allowed to marry gay couples.  This tiny fringe movement, with the aid of their site, have gained legitimacy in some questionable circles, highly undeserved.  But I say, You go!  Protest!  Don't sign the marriage certificates!  Turn away ruddy young men and women and stop the madness!

To the ruddy young men and women:  Catholic churches across the country would LOVE to welcome you to the faith and marry you with all the bells and whistles!  We promise a lovely ceremony, classes to prepare, and so much more: life-long grace to keep your marriage strong!  Looking for a faith that honors your commitment?  Call today!

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  1. LOL! Good post, especially the pitch for joining the Church. Keep up the good work.


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