Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Raymond Arroyo

The term “Renaissance Man” is coined for many, rather flippantly, I am afraid. I do believe, contrary to its overuse, the moniker may quite readily stick to Catholicism’s answer to Walter Cronkite: the indomitable Raymond Arroyo. Blessed with many talents that have vaulted him to a position of importance, not only in Catholic circles, but quite rightly among the ranks of the finest journalists and commentators of our day, Raymond is a point of pride for the entire Church.

It is no small matter that Raymond’s voice can be heard in 100 million homes weekly, nor is the trust and respect he has earned undeserved. EWTN’s international news magazine, “The World Over Live”, created and hosted by Arroyo, has highlighted his innate ability to get to the heart of the matter, whether reporting the good work of a loyal son or daughter of the Church, prodding a guest whose opinion is in opposition to Magisterial teaching, or helping Catholics understand the relationship of politics and faith. Talking with a Pope or President, politician or cardinal, Raymond Arroyo’s news and interviews capture the pulse of Catholicism.

True to the term “Renaissance Man”, Arroyo’s success extends beyond the news format. An accomplished author whose books have graced the New York Times Bestseller List, he has the gift of expression on paper that captures the imagination of the reader and expresses his thoughts and stories in engaging and dramatic fashion. He has produced an all-star audio bible, has been featured on major news networks, radio programs, news journals and magazines, and is presently working on a mystery series and an original musical. A musical, you may ask? The theatre was his “launching pad”, and he studied under respected teachers who helped him to hone his presence and craft. He acted and directed in New York and London.

As a speaker Raymond Arroyo is captivating, inspiring, and witty. I have had the privilege of attending several of Arroyo’s talks and can personally attest to his ability to recognize the needs of the listeners and to translate that in a presentation that affirms, challenges and brings laughter. Discussing the role of the culture and pop culture and translating that into a force for evangelism and religious expression is his delight, and most recently at the Fr. Corapi conference in Buffalo, New York Arroyo treated the audience to an insightful treatise on the power of the culture that has not been fully tapped as a force for bringing the faith to the forefront of society. Sounds deep, doesn’t it? Throw in an incredibly authentic Dean Martin impersonation and the hilarious and poignant stories of Mother Angelica, and you have the essence of the talent of the man.

I have been blessed to personally speak to Raymond Arroyo on two occasions, and in preparing this story was thrilled to receive his thoughts via email. He is gracious, amiable and inviting, and a true gentleman. The Catholic Church is a better place because of the vocation and ministry of this true Renaissance Man.

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