Saturday, October 10, 2009

Underground Movement Startles Polonia

(Polonia News, 10/10/09, Cheektowaga, NY)  Flamingos have been disappearing daily from the front lawns of a puzzled population of Poles demanding answers from the Cheektowaga Town Board early Saturday morning, a situation that has left town officials scratching their pattern-balding heads for days. 

Reports place local flamingos in far-off locales such as Ohio, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Unofficial reports indicate the migration seems to be motivated by rumors of an impending battle in the Austin, Texas area between flamingos and penguins, but the validity of these reports cannot be verified.  Attempts to contact Austin officials were unsuccessful. 

A local spotted two flamingos resting near a water source in a North Buffalo neighborhood earlier this afternoon, but they fled the scene when questioned.  Prior to discovery they were heard humming "The Yellow Rose of Texas", the significance of which cannot be determined.

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  1. The couriers must have been delayed in sending word of the glorious victory won on the fields of Austin...


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