Saturday, December 12, 2009


Earlier this afternoon Ellen from Buffalo and I were assisting with the Christmas food preparation at the Mission when she matter-of-factly stated, "You haven't been blogging."  Too true.  I have been an absentee landlord of  There are several reasons, each proving more dull than the last, so I will spare you the sordid details and now present them in simple list form:

1.  I had an incredibly wonderful retreat and needed time to think.
2.  I had LOTS of homework.
3.  I was praying.
4.  I was watching hockey.
5.  I didn't feel like writing.

Of the abridged list presented, number five is probably foremost.  Nonetheless, after an incredibly insightful retreat with my favorite bunch of Trappists, my words, upon review, seemed innocuous.   So I stopped.

Christopher, the delusional Washington Capitals fan from Austin, Texas (no, it doesn't make any sense) kept up the lines of communication, praise God, and for that I am grateful, though still not convinced of his sanity. Caps fan notwithstanding, he has become a good friend, and one I missed.  His prodding reminded me of so many of you that I had come to consider friends, and that was enough to rouse my atrophying fingers into action.

And so, for my first submission in (gulp) twenty-nine days, I offer an insider view of the Marciniak family, as created by my eldest daughter, an assignment for some kind of technical video editing creative thingy class she is taking in college.  I think I am rather dashing in it.