Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please help.

The devastation of Haiti and particularly in Port-au-Prince is a grim reminder of the tightrope we walk upon, the delicate balance of life that can so quickly be upturned by the realities of nature and poverty.

What will be done in Haiti? Millions are homeless in the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere. There is no water, electricity, shelter, food, or medical care to be had. As the U.S. and others gear up to provide assistance thousands stand on street corners and in public spaces with no where to go, nothing to eat. As the screams and cries of those trapped are silenced in the coming days the enormity of the situation will be fully realized. It is a scenario rife with possibility for violence, disease, starvation and death.

We must move quickly.

I live in a city. I have often considered the impact of a major disaster or man-made catastrophe on my life and the lives of those I love. If the infrastructure that sustains us was destroyed and could not be restored in a reasonable amount of time we would have to leave, migrate to escape conditions not amenable to life. I would pray that my nation would come to our aid, help us to re-establish our lives and that we would persevere through tragedy.

Haiti is a tiny island nation. There is no where to go. Its government is morally and economically bankrupt.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and please do what you can. Here is a link to Catholic Relief Services.  Please pray for the soul of Monsignor Joseph Serge Miot, the archbishop of Port-au-Prince who was killed when the archdiocesan offices collapsed during he quake. 


  1. My family and I pray for everyone involved with the Haiti Quack. The Lord is asking for all of us to shift our attention to those in need. I agree Dave we need to make a difference because we can.
    Christa Cutrona

  2. Thanks for the post - thought you might enjoy this new video I put together.
    Cory Heimann


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