Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: January 28th, 2011

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do,” Jesus gasped during his agonizing Passion. Martyrs throughout history have repeated those words with courage and conviction. I recently read a blogger’s post about the killing of a young boy in a Catholic Church in Iraq…and I was filled with anger. As stories of martyrdom, torture and abuse of Christians pour out of the Middle East I am troubled by my desire for a retaliatory response. How did the martyrs remain true to the words of Christ? I am afraid my faith is too weak. Does the Holy Spirit provide in the moment of need, or is there more to it? I suspect forgiveness is natural to the recollected soul. Miles to go before I sleep…

Among the most difficult words for a parent to utter to a child: “I’m sorry”, especially when we are young and full of ourselves. I am aware of many circumstances in my own life where it was not only appropriate but even imperative, yet I wavered. The older I get, though, it seems to get easier…maybe with the passing of the years I see the effect of my behaviors and words more acutely. It has taken years to begin to see that asking my child for forgiveness did not diminish my authority but rather provides invaluable example. Now if I could just control myself BEFORE I need to apologize, there’s the rub.

My blog has been featured on a nursing web site for those exploring specialization in emergency nursing…and I am at once flattered and puzzled. So little of my blog features emergency nursing posts; did they really read it, or did they just run with the subtitle? Whatever the reason, I have changed a few things to accommodate those looking for posts from a nursing perspective. Located in the side-bar are posts that I considered might be of interest to nurses, and I promise to add to that every few weeks or so. And to those thinking about becoming an emergency nurse: GO FOR IT! It’s amazing work.

As an adult learner, I look awfully funny in the college library among all the youngsters…and I’m ornery, too. Nothing worse than trying to get a paper done while a bunch of late teens are giggling and carrying on over stupidity, the doggone whippersnappers. I told ‘em no good would come from that crazy rock and roll.
Just tryin’ to live the part, kids. Go with it.

Am I the only one looking at the floods in Australia, the craziness in Egypt and Tunisia, the mudslides, the cold snaps, the snow in the deep south, Korean sabre-rattling and the deteriorating world economy and thinking that I really need to get to confession just in case?

I love wine; I blame Chef Peter of Pranzo who years ago had each of his wide-eyed young waiters (I was an eighteen year old pup) sample and learn about the subtleties of good wine. My wife gave me a wine refrigerator for Christmas, and the OCD in me wants to keep it full to look good and justify the extra electricity. And for drinking, of course. For those who like a good Cabernet Sauvignon, I highly recommend Park Lane, 2007. Amazing bottle for a steal at around fourteen bucks. You will NOT find a red that good for that price anywhere else. Give it a try.

I absolutely LOVE historical fiction.  Hence my love for Louis deWohl.  I am re-reading Citadel of God about St. Benedict.  I think de Wohl is one of the finest at the art...and the fact that his books feature some of our most beloved saints, all the better.  I am intrigued at his characterizations; it is as if he had been there, at that time, carefully observing.  While he has a bit of a cynical view of society, his portrayals are powerful, and the saint's life is the focus of what is actually right with the world.  The fact that other figures familiar to us weave in and out is icing on the cake.  I am also a huge fan of Michener...same ilk, different venue; perhaps another post one day.  On the internet, there are none better than Christopher on Three Hundred Words.  Bite-sized with BIG flavor.  Check it out.


  1. Love deWohl. Read all his books years ago, and Michener, too. So glad you brought this up.

  2. de Wohl is a master, and so easy to read on a cold, snowy night with a small glass of Scotch and a fire in the fireplace. Near Heaven!


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