Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

The Marciniak family is fanning the globe as of late…my eldest spent a week in NYC volunteering, daughter #2 was in NYC and Baltimore for an acting competition and seminar, and daughter #3 will be accompanying son #3 in Washington DC this weekend for the March for Life (aka: the Massive March that is Curiously Only Seen by Cameras Purchased by EWTN). I love love love love to travel, and am envious of all of them. The trip to NYC in December feels like a lifetime ago, and I am itching to roam…

We have been challenged by our host to consider the top eight people we would like to invite for dinner…my list (not including any individuals both fully human and fully divine; such a person is a given):
     1. The Blessed Mother (just gotta have Mom there)
     2. David (sans Goliath) (this guy likes a good party!)
     3. St. Francis of Assisi (every word is compelling to me)
     4. St. Ignatius of Loyola (INTENSE)
     5. Mother Teresa of Calcutta (I want to hug her)
     6. Pope John Paul II (MY HERO)
     7. St. Damian of Molokai (my MODEL and intercessor)
     8. St. Francis de Sales (SO smart!)

There has been some skepticism from a certain blogger from a group of islands near Southeast Asia (who will remain nameless) whether I was truly a guest in the house of one Sanctus Christopher (aka Three Hundred Words Christopher) this past September after an incriminating photo of yours truly in said host's family room was posted. There was a challenge some months back that apparently a proof of such a visit could be verified by an image of this die-hard Sabres fan wearing a Washington Capitals sweater as given to me by one Christopher Yurkanin of Austin, Texas (no, the whole Caps thing makes no sense at first glance…or second).  I cannot do that.  It would cost me dearly here in Buffalo, frankly.  It appears necessary I will be required to arrange a re-visit. Christopher, please let Aisha know I would like more quail. Thank you.

I am a HUGE fan of Jazz FM91 out of Toronto. I even sent a small donation now that the local NPR station stopped its jazz format and switched to talk (as if we really want to hear more NPR talk. Yeesh.) I have discovered a few new artists not played on U.S. stations that are worth a listen: Emilie-Claire Barlow (who I will be going to see in Toronto next May, God willing, with my brother Tim and Sister-in-law Renee), and Nikki Yanofsky, who will be broadcast live on the station Wednesday, January 27th at 8pm from the Blue Note in Manhattan. Ho boy, I wish I was live at the Blue Note in Manhattan that day…anyhoo, if you love jazz, tune in online.

Cruzan tastes SO much better with Coca-Cola than Bacardi. I’m just sayin’.

As unaccustomed to public speaking as I am (insert wife’s voice: “yeah, right”)…I have been invited to speak at a parish mission by an old acquaintance, which I am happy to do, but the topic to discuss is: “Who Am I?” Oh dear; that’s a loaded question. In the outline of requested content there is a mention of discussing the psychology behind what we do and why we do it…a topic better suited to Fr. Benedict Groeschel, to be sure. Nonetheless, as an old ER nurse, I have a few human-interest stories up my sleeve…THROW AWAY YOUR WATCHES, BABY, THE MICROPHONE’S MINE!!
Just kidding.

I love Ceili Rain, and if you haven’t heard of them, shame. They are an AWESOME Celtic-rock Catholic band headed up by Bob Halligan, Jr., song-writer extraordinaire, writing tunes for the likes of KISS, Cher, Michael Bolton, Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult, Joan Jett, KIX, The Guess Who, Rik Emmett of Triumph, Helix, Kathy Mattea, and Bob Carlisle, to name a few...Now he’s writing songs about faith, family, and God’s love that really speak to many hearts. My fav album is “Erasers on Pencils”…it’s on itunes, so give it a whirl. If you are going to buy any song, make it “Life is a Polka” (yes, a Polka rock song by a Celtic rock Christian band. Go figger). Highly recommended for obvious reasons. Na Zdrowie.

I don't know that man.

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