Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival

I have resolved to write a minimum of two posts per week in 2011 for my own enjoyment and as a means to reflect on the corporal and spiritual joys and challenges of my life...this week I challenged myself to live gratitude more fully, as inspired by Anne.  I also recounted a frivolous but enjoyable trip to the birthplace of the chicken wing with a group of hungry crumb-crunchers, all in good fun...

I invite anyone who would care to join me in a Novena to St. Francis de Sales beginning tonight, ending on the Doctor of the Church's feast day on the 24th.  I will post a reflection and have linked the novena prayers.  He is the patron of writers and journalists, so how fitting bloggers may pray for his intercessions!

Thanks to our Carnival hostess, and prayers to all for a grace-filled week.

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  1. He is my patron saint this year so I will be glad to join you! Thanks!


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