Friday, February 18, 2011

Seven Quick Takes...February 18th, 2011

I purchased the audio recording of Thomas à Kempis’s “Imitation of Christ” and have been falling asleep to it daily…I am holding some credence to the whole idea of playing classical music to a baby in utero and hoping that likewise there is some benefit to sleeping with the words of that classic tome ringing in my subconscious. I have read the book more than once and find great instruction in it, and thought the audio recording would be a nice way to still partake of its wisdom while resting my weary eyes…little did I know the narrator’s voice would lull me to slumber each and every time.

Pray for me to the Lord our God: my wife is leaving for retreat at the Abbey of the Genesee today, not to return ‘til Sunday morning. She has endeavored to wash every bit of clothing we own to make sure no one goes sockless, and has stocked the fridge well. Despite all that the male members of the family will most likely wear the same clothes throughout, and pizza will be a staple, quite surely. I’ll make sure I light some Glade candles come Sunday…

My eldest son has struggled for years at school. His grades have ranged from atrocious to catastrophic. His primary learning disability is medically termed, “Valde Quod Possideo Socors” (Great and Abiding Sloth). Nonetheless, there has been a miraculous transformation…call it maturity, call it ambition, call it abduction by aliens, call it what you will – he has suddenly turned a corner and is amassing A’s and B’s with abandon. I am loath to think that it is fleeting…but I will withhold judgment. In the meantime, I am the guy dancing the “Electric Slide” sans music.

The flu season has struck the ED like a goose on Fabio’s snout, and waiting rooms across the fruited plain are full of men, women and children hacking and sneezing. Luckily, it is fairly mild…at least from our point of view. The victim may feel otherwise. My yearly advice: wash your hands, drink lots of fluid, and avoid kissing anyone covered in mucus. Granted, the whole mucus thing is fairly universal and timeless. Just say no.

One of the best songs I have heard in a while is a little jazz piece by Emilie Claire Barlow entitled, "Haven't We Met" from her CD by the same name. This little French-Canadian has really captured the essence of the Great American Song Book…and added her name to a pantheon of great female "crooners": Billie, Ella, Nancy, Sarah, Rosemary, and so many others. Check her stuff out - and encourage her to venture south of the US/Canadian border as soon as possible!

I am unprepared for Lent and looking for suggestions. I would love a daily devotional of some kind; any ideas?  Something with some writings of saints, perhaps, or daily scriptural references and reflections...if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

We've got a new boss in Sabreland: Terry Pegula was approved by the NHL's Board of Governors as the new owner of the Buffalo Sabres. The long-time season ticket holder has pledged the following: "We're going to win the Stanley Cup. Then we'll win it again." In this city of second place, we are getting excited again…the annual Sabres Parties in the Plaza before games have been targeted by many for a name change: LalaPegula. Hopefully this won't follow a typical pattern here in the City of Good Neighbors: Celebrate first, cry later. Go Sabres.

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  1. a great meditation set for your consideration for Lent...
    "In Conversation With God"
    by Francis Fernandez ~~~
    not to be confused with
    "Conversations with God"
    (which is a terrible farce)
    there are 7 books, and they go with the roman litrugical calendar, even with the 3 year cycle.
    you should just get the volume for Lent
    and you will like it so much that i predict that you will buy the whole set, enjoy!

  2. You didn't ask for this Lenten discipline, but I offer it anyway:

    The whole household gives up TV.

  3. Congrats to your son; hope it continues

  4. Love your list.
    My favorite devotional for past 2 years has been one from Bishop Morneau - he does Advent one too - from Liturgical Press - is called Daily Reflections for Lent, Not By Bread Alone 2011. A little book - has a scripture reading, reflection, questions for readers meditation and ends with a prayer. Simple, but his reflections are usually very good and the questions give me food for thought.
    here is url -

    also comes in ebook format

  5. Congrats on your son's grade improvements. For Lenten reading I've just bought "Meditations for Lent" from St. Thomas Aquinas. It contains scripture and commentary. I wrote about it at my blog this week.

  6. I don't know who the person is who suggested our whole household give up tv for Lent but that is an absolutely insane idea! That would be akin to going around with a hairshirt and we know what the church did to that practice! Puhleeze. We want to pray and become holier, not kill each other! As your wife and the one who is home more with the kids, I say no. Otherwise I am moving somewhere else until the Easter Vigil!

  7. Well...I guess she who must be obeyed has spoken. LOL!!!


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