Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three down...six to go.

Watching children grow through their teen-age years to young adulthood is an emotional dichotomy:  on the one hand we revel in their new-found independence and look with pride upon their maturing personalities.  On the other we do our best to suppress thoughts of homicide.  Somewhere in-between we exist, toggling between “insightful discussions” and rip-roaring battles, hoping against hope that any character flaws will be outgrown, or at worst quickly cured in therapy.

The age-old question is whether our influence will be a help or hindrance as they hack away feverishly at the umbilical cord we have protected and maintained since their birth.  Did I yell too much?  Was I too judgmental?  Did I build confidence or injure self-esteem?  Were my punishments and discipline of any value?  Did I tell him how proud I am?  Did I share my love for him?  Was it enough?

My eldest son is graduating from high school.  What a different experience from his two older sisters; for the girls, it was all tears and memories, private jokes and best-friends-forever…for boys, not so much.  Brotherhood and friendship, indeed, but none of the giggling and hugs; just a bunch of guys ready to take the next step, grateful for where they came from.   A refreshing change.

My sincere thanks to the Christian Brothers for a fine education.  Now he’s on to Jesuit college in the fall, Canisius to be precise, “Where Leaders are Made”.  Perhaps.  I would be quite satisfied with a self-sufficient, hard-working man, leader or not.  A man of faith.   A man of respect and honor. 

If we can get through freshman year without a visit to the ER I will count that as success.  One step at a time.  For now, I’m proud.

St. John Baptiste de la Salle, Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts forever.

St. Peter Canisius, pray for us.

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  1. I have 5 down; and have those same 5 plus a child in law, plus a future child-in-law still to go.

    Don't ask.


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